Your Interventionist Matters

I have never had one case that is or was equal to another. 

Knowing how to intervene without employing regressive action is more key to the solution than people are being taught by mainstream treatment providers. 

There is not one intervention training in the world that has the authority to teach people they are diseased or disabled for life unless their providers have a medical degree and there is biological, neurological, psychological and behavioral testing and measurement, over time, to conclude such a determining condition. 

The ones that are still teaching disabled disease for life are doing so without any accountability for their medical or clinical outcomes.

Could you imagine being intervened on to be treated for a condition that you are not “allowed” to receive the best medicine due to your treatment provider being ignorant? 

As it relates to psychedelics or entheogens, No need to imagine; I’ve been wading through unqualified treatment providers for over 20 years now and you can almost guarantee your loved one will not be offered access to options that are available to people with resources due to treatment providers reasoning that they don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t have the resources and they are required to treat everyone equal?  Equal?; that’s the reason why people hire me; we know that your case is not the same as the next and your life matters. 

In my experience equality is available when you treat everyone as an individual first and then together as a whole.

Assessing and referring people to care is a process that should be done over time unless there is an immediate emergency that should be taken care of as such.  

When it comes to behavioral health there is no need to keep leaning on the “Disease” to validate an environmental or behavioral need of care.

The truth is very few people die on their first relapse and that’s the first time a person feels like they are not valued to love themselves and they get deeper because they were taught when they relapse they should have died and they didn’t. 

Said differently most people who say  “I’m the kind of alcoholic/addict who will die if I ever drink/use again” don’t die on their first or any relapse for that matter.  

This is not to recuse that fact that people can become disabled due to the disease of addiction or alcoholism but more to say everyone is not addicted to the point of disablement for life. 

So when does a person decide to hire someone like me who employs the Transformational Model of Intervention™? 

Mostly after a complementary conversation where we find out if you need my support. If you would like to schedule that conversation, please do so by filling out your request here and remember to indicate what day and time can work best for you.

Sometimes you just need a conversation to validate that you know what to do and it’s doing it that needs the motivation. I may suggest my coaching services at Coach Rickard that is more sustainable towards your health and well-being in a Motivational Interviewing perspective that’s supported by my patented treatment strategy process that allows your success to be the goal instead of the traditional the disease is chasing you for life perspective.

Planning for Success is a lot different than planning to stay away from failure.

It’s not rocket science if a person is “on one” then there is inherent proof that doesn’t need to be debated.

It’s more about how we get along. 

I don’t need to get into the depth to help
You out that’s for sure. 

The depth may need more support and that’s why we start with what works today. 

Myself; I love to have some fun and that’s how my people feel too; “we’ve suffered long enough” is more the tune that initiates our recovery ❤️‍🩹  rather than the old ways of blaming with the  “it’s because you’re an diseased addict” model of thinking.

To each their own. 

Some of you may remember Jimmy K who found that AA didn’t accept his kind of people hence he founded NA. He doesn’t even get credit that the whole medical field around the world utilizes the term Addict that was more meant for community identification than a medically diagnosed disease.

We are in different times we need different Constellations especially for the newcomer. 

My experience has been people need outside support otherwise be left in the system that almost always does not have access to your long-term success.

I keep hearing I need to develop a psychedelic intervention training.

I keep thinking all the other intervention trainings should chip in together to mastermind with me for the next 3 years to teach them how to teach their people about Psychedelic Intervention that I’ve been doing for over 20 years now.

Experienced psychedelic practitioners are an active ethics issue that is no longer an Elephant.

In other news; more people are being taught health and wellness in the home and it seems to be coming from the population of people that I call are in “Recovery” or people who have learned that living as good or better than before, in your health and wellbeing, is of great value. It’s a reflection of how far we’ve progressed and how much humanity is still out there desperate for a solution.

My Interventions are designed to cause a person or people to be in the solution and they systemic in nature.

One thing is for sure I don’t need you to get honest to help you find the help that can get rid of the pain.; you showing up for the conversation is the proof that needs no definition.

If you need support reach and let me know how I may be of service