Transformational Interventions:

The goal of  a Transformational Intervention is to engage purposefully with the individual in crisis in order to support them getting treatment. The Intervention process itself provides a space for friends, family and loved one’s to engage a clear and collective support system against the destructive behavior, while also providing a strong message of love and encouragement under the guidance of a highly skilled Interventionist.   Find out more here…

Pre-Intervention Assessment:

My treatment care guidance services begin with a required and complimentary Pre-Intervention Assessment. This is to determine the current and presenting issues affecting not only the individual suffering from a mental health or addiction concern, but also their family, friends and loved ones. The Pre-Intervention also provides family members and friends with education about the Intervention process and what to expect and plan for. A brief psychosocial assessment is completed to further evaluate the unique needs of the individual for whom the intervention is begin sought. 

Treatment Planning:

My Treatment Planning Service is an imperative element to our clients success during and after Treatment.  It proved unrivaled education that includes a variety of options that will be specialized to your specific situation.  I explain the intricate dynamics of how to plan the most successful treatment experience. I help the family consider all people involved in a clients life while also taking into consideration the importance of work, school, life-style, cost, location and modality.

My Treatment Planning Service factor in which modality(ies) will best suit your situation and everyone involved. This enables the best scenario to provide long-term success for all parties involved. I provide my clients with our unrivaled education and tool on how to best support the person going to treatment. My clients and their loved ones are offered much needed support to inspire them to complete a full treatment episode which will allow for a higher success integrating back into their daily lives. You can find out more here 

Transformational Recovery Coaching:

There is a significant difference between learning about being in recovery and actually LIVING in recovery. Rickard Elmore has pioneered “Transformational Recovery Coaching”; a highly effective Coaching model created to support people systemically that allows people to learn how to live a life worth living. Find out more information here

Psychedelic Support and Planning:

There is tremendous benefit in experiencing medicines that help encourage growth, increase personal resilience, and give hope. We are of the minds eye of seeing all people being able to have access to a better humanity. A part of healing is being able to allow the suffering to go away. For particular people this will be the only path. Please call or connect here for more information