Substance Abuse

Growth Rooted in Strength™

Transformational Intervention™ Press Release

Orange County,Ca. January 7th, 2023 Treatment Strategy™ presents Transformational Intervention™ a model of mental health, behavioral health and addiction intervention that places the emphasis on providing the person(s) with options focused around health and wellbeing rather than assigning  labels of a disease that may hinder a medical recovery process. A Transformational Interventionist™ eliminates the application of an …

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Why You Don’t Have to Explain Your Sobriety

The decision to begin living a sober lifestyle is extremely admirable, but also incredibly personal. Some people choose to celebrate this decision by sharing the news with friends, family, and acquaintances. Others choose to keep it private, despite what others think. Although it may come with complications, it is a decision that deserves great pride. …

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Understanding the Effects of Meth

While many people understand that methamphetamine (meth) is both a highly addictive and dangerous substance, oftentimes many are not entirely aware of its full effects. The consequences of using meth extend farther than tooth decay and skin sores. Knowing more about how meth affects your body (both short-term and long-term) is incredibly important for sobriety. …

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