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Orange County,Ca. January 7th, 2021 Treatment Strategy® presents Transformational Intervention™ a model of mental health, behavioral health and addiction intervention that places the emphasis on providing the person(s) with options focused around health and wellbeing rather than assigning labels of a disease that may hinder a medical recovery process.

A Transformational Interventionist™ eliminates the application of an immediate diagnosis in favor of providing options to environments wherein a complete understanding of the individual’s entirety of considerations can be recognized. This allows room for a personalized and comprehensive plan of care to find the options that best enable healing; Neurological, Psychological, Biological, and Behavioral considerations included.

The ethos of the Transformational Intervention Model™ is underscored by the belief that addiction and mental health issues are resolvable. It is imperative to recognize that the one size fits all as strategy centered on abstinence only is no longer medically sanctioned by the proper approach to healthcare. In 2005 as a pioneer in the field of private care treatment, Dr. Rickard Elmore developed Transformational Intervention™ utilizing a systemic systems approach to familial interactions whereby family members interconnect, allowing one to view the system in its entirety, rather than as individual elements (Bateson, Jackson, Haley, & Weakland, 1956); allowing for individuals to have autonomy or said differently helping people find a personal path to health and well-being.

A Transformational Interventionist™ understands how to make optimal choices for people in need, including family members that are carefully evaluated and appropriately addressed during the process.

 Older intervention models that favor “abstinence only approaches” deny modern advancements in assessment, evaluation, and treatment specifically for Alcohol including medications like ketamine and the upcoming medical considerations around psylocibin, and MDMA. The efficacy of these substances, when implemented by professionals in the proper set and setting reflect they may be able to outperform traditional abstinence based methods in the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol and drug use disorder.

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Rickard Elmore, PhD., realizes that moving forward, intervention modalities of the past will be required to universally update their policies/procedures while the entire field will continue to trend towards the Transformational Intervention Model™ of Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Intervention as our healthcare system evolves.

As Dr. Rickard would say, “Everyone suffers differently and for different reasons, so why should their model of care be identical.” Treatment can be customized for each individual and available to all who need support.

The Transformational Intervention Model™ stands in contrast to competing models of intervention for its systematic systems approach to Integrative Medicine which recognizes the benefit of combining conventional and standard care (such as medical treatment, medications, and psychotherapy) with complementary considerations (such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, breath work, and well-being focused engagements).

Furthermore, a Transformational Interventionist™ evaluates and assists people in finding solutions in the moment; not all situations can be pre-planned and knowing what to do in these situations really makes a difference.

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