Universal Thrivers Day 12/27/2022

Who is a Thriver?

Who is a Thriver?

 This is for the people that are still suffering and couldn’t celebrate these “wonderful” holidays and are pressing on into work.

 This is for the people who are still struggling to let go of the pain that was passed down to them.

This is for the people that are in a place to hear that the thrivers are near and times are changing; the suffering you carry no longer has to be held.

 The resources that are available need to be given back to you and it’s along the way.

This is for all the family members who’ve lost their loved ones who’ve spent every bit of energy and resource no matter what it was to be rid of the pain that came down on them.

 This is for sufferance;they want away from it.

This is for the child whose father has no love to pass to his son because he’d  been beaten too much.

This is for the mother, who was traumatized beyond belief in herself; who couldn’t be there for you because she’s in too much pain.

This is for the employers in the world to know that all of you have somebody in your family like this and they are your employees too.

 Us Thrivers are working together to help you live in a better way. Like my friend Bob and I evolve about all the time; Recovery is for everyone, I say, as he itemized differently. With purity in truth, honor and support to his perspective the thrivers will always remain and yes our heritage stems from recovery the same way some ways stem from the psychiatric institutions 🙂

We need people to help us out so then we can help ourselves and in turn can help others;Thats what Thrivers do.

 We need people to be there for us and we need not always be right  in order to get things worked out.

So here’s to the people that don’t have anything today; I Hope now, in your heart, you find a peace of love that is the Thrivers way.

So who is a thriver one may inquire?

Thirvers are  homo-sapiens who have evolved from or to our current existence.

They are the people in the community who have evolved from pain into health and wellbeing.

They have the compassion to help be apart of the solution.

We are evolutionists who have been celebrating the upcoming psychedelic mental health treatment congruence every year since 2012 and our community hub is looking forward to opening up to the public into the 2023 New Year.

Most of all a Thriver is someone who gets through what they know they never can and carry forward solutions when they do.”

This year I was Honored to write Who is a Thriver as every year another Thriver does and I’m looking forward to who does so in 2023.


Heres to Surthriving for evermore~Rickard Elmore (sir)