Can Dancing Aid in Recovery?

When thinking about recovering from addiction or mental health concerns, many people don’t think about dance. Perhaps the only time you have danced in your life was at your high school prom. Maybe it was at a distant relative’s wedding when you were seven. Today, dancing may play no role in your life whatsoever. The topic of dance may only remind you of five-year-olds in tutus or very thin women dancing on their toes in The Nutcracker Ballet. Although this may be the case, it may be worth it to revisit the extensive world of dance. 

Is it For You?

You may be asking at this point, “Why would dancing be for me?” Dancing truly is for everyone, in some way or another. Just like there is a music genre for every kind of personality type, there is a style of dance out there that will best fit you. No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you have been in life, dance has the power to give you happiness and healing in some way or another. 

Many people can recognize that working out and engaging in regular exercise allows you to experience feelings of accomplishment and even euphoria. Exercise has the ability to release endorphins in the body, thus blocking the pain receptors in the brain and causing feelings of happiness and euphoria. Engaging in dance can have this effect on people as well. Below are some different styles to choose from:

#1. Ballroom Dancing 

Ballroom dance is not just for the stars or celebrities. Given its diversity in athleticism, ballroom dance has become very popular for those beginning dance as an adult and who want to learn a dance style that is lively yet not too demanding. A typical class is done with a group so that you can all learn and grow together while having a joyous time. Whether it is the foxtrot, waltz, tango, rumba, or quickstep, you are sure to enhance your skills and have a blast with others while doing so.

#2. Ballet

Ballet is not just for five-year-old girls. Despite what society says, ballet truly is for everyone. Ballet specifically is an excellent option if you want to reconnect with your body and understand it on a profound level. Due to ballet’s intense technical and physical demands, knowing how your body operates is a must, and taking ballet classes can help you do this. In its’ nature, ballet is goal-oriented, making it a wonderful option for those wanting to build self-confidence. As you work during each class to obtain goals you could not obtain the day before, you will feel a thrilling sense of accomplishment as you watch yourself grow.

#3. Hip-Hop

This style of dance is incredibly compelling and diverse in its sub-styles. Known for its ability to allow everyone to experience an immense amount of fun, hip-hop enables you to feel the freedom to groove to music without the strains of traditional technique weighing you down. 

#4. Tap Dance

If you cannot move your entire body or do not feel comfortable doing so yet, tap dancing may be for you. Tap dancing is compelling because it focuses on musical rhythm. It is the only form of dance to make noise, making it not only dance but a musical instrument as well. 

How Does It Help With Recovery?

Perhaps you have spent most of your life trying to escape unpleasant feelings. Doing so can create a disconnection between your mind and body, letting your thoughts run your life. Not being connected with your body can lead to a dysregulated nervous system, making you unable to fully acknowledge and process your feelings. Dancing is an excellent antidote to this problem. 

Through dance, you are given a safe outlet to feel your emotions in your body and release them in a fun, unique way. In this way, you can recreate that vital connection with your emotions and feelings through a new, creative process. 

The freedom of dance also gives you a new understanding and appreciation of your unique body. By accomplishing and performing the physical demands of dance, you can recognize how amazing and capable your body really is, no matter what you look like. Celebrating these dance-related accomplishments is a beautiful way to build self-confidence that you may have lost while struggling with addiction or mental health. Regaining control and appreciation of your body through some form of dance will make for lasting healing.

Are you wondering if dance is for you? The answer is yes! No matter who you are or what you have been through, there is a style of dance out there that will be right for you and your healing journey. Not only can dance help you regain the connection between your mind and body, but it can also help you appreciate and take back control over your unique, extraordinary body. Dance truly is a special way to help you along your journey to recovery, whatever that may entail for you. All of us here at Rickard Elmore Treatment Strategies are here to support you and provide you with the tools you need to ensure healing. No matter what you are going through, we want to help you reconnect with yourself again and create a treatment plan that is effective for you. Call us today at (877) 387-7197 to begin your journey to recovery.