Treatment  Strategy®

Your Individualized Path to Success

No two situations are the same for those in need of treatment and support. Often, the situation is so complex and sensitive, that it may seem as though none of the options are right for you.

Treatment  Strategy® may be right for situations such as:  

     • A loved one who has never attended any treatment centers

    • • A loved one who has attended multiple treatment centers without success and feels like there is no hope for recovery
    • • A young adult who has been in and out of treatment and boarding schools as a child and adolescent but still feels nothing has helped
    • • A loved one who has gone missing and may be in danger
    • • A struggling employee who is unable to leave work for an extended period of time
    • • A high-powered executive who is unable to perform as usual
    • • Complications to the treatment process such as divorce, investigation requirements, or trust management
    • • An individual who is not an alcoholic or addict but still feels desperately in need of help

…And many more complex and unique situations

Treatment Strategy® is a comprehensive service that carefully evaluates past experiences in relation to a current situation in order to provide alternative options that may not have been previously offered or explored.

As an expert with a rich history and understanding of treatment options and available resources, the Treatment Strategist will create a detailed plan that involves long-term considerations such as:

• A realistic evaluation of expected results at each level or model of care

    • • How long one might expect such results to last in each scenario
    • • Recommendations for the allocation of resources for a long-term solution
  • • A long-term strategy and response to the possibility of treatment failure

Limited Options Lead to Limited Results

Rather than fitting your situation into a narrow set of treatment options that feel “good enough”, Dr.Rickard will create options and alternatives that meet your specific and unique needs. With a plan created especially for you, there is a much greater opportunity for success.

Never leave your treatment decisions in the hands of a unqualified person.

When in need of the best support available, allow a Treatment Strategy® specialist with Dr.Rickard Elmore help you.

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