Transformational Intervention Model™

To get the right kind of help with Mental Health, Addiction and other conditions like Trauma and PTSD, many  scenarios require intricate and complex planning in order to receive exceptional results.

Most people Allow some time to get better an if appropriate we can  start right now.

Dr. Rickard and his transformational model of systemic intervention understand the needs of individuals, groups, and specialized considerations.

With populations ranging from the every day person to Corporate leaders, Politicians, Entertainers, Musicians, and Retiree’s we recognize the need for more robust and solution oriented options for the people in need.

With a core of confidentiality we serve the needs of our Transformational Partners™ (partners rather than clients) and offer services well beyond what is generally expected in the field of mental health, behavioral health and  addiction treatment.

Why is a Transformational Interventionist™ the right choice :

Health as a care model: knowing how to help people into the solution doesn’t not stop when you identify the problem. We know it takes times and care to achieve your best health and well-being; getting to the solution  and expecting hardships along the way are included.

Confidential private assessment of situation at hand-   Not all situations are cut and dry. Many times with a few adjustments to daily activity, process of thought, Dr.Rickard can provide solutions for any problem presented.

Reputation Administration-   Services as provided will ensure the safety in knowing your hard work and dedication is well protected. Confidentiality is key

Health Preservation-With focus on solutions based enagagements  to allow the body and mind to revitalize into a more prominent and successful position; it’s a relief from any stress’ one may encounter.

Security Services-  with today’s technologies it’s important to acknowledge that at times safety is required by distinguished law professionals or search and protect services.

All others services- With respect to each individual scenario other services are available on a case by case basis.

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Dr. Rickard’s intention is  connecting people to the highest quality Services, private or otherwise including continuing care facilities, Residential Treatment, Transformational Recovery Coaching, and more, by communicating with the administration and clinical team directly, researching the quality of care provided, and validating the facilities and services personally.

 Dr. Rickard can further provide Consultation, Planning Strategy, Coaching  Treatment Placement and Intervention services to individuals throughout the world. For more information about other services, visit the public website at