Life Coaching

Creating a Seamless Road to Successful Living

Real Life Experience: Our Life Coaches have a wealth of successful life experience to offer, both clinically and personally. Specializing in addiction recovery, our experienced coaches connect personally with individuals struggling with addiction as they have also “been there,” having successfully changed the past patterns of behavior that lead to addiction and having achieved extended sobriety themselves.
Behavioral Modeling: Providing a positive behavioral model for clients taking the first steps into sober living, our life Coaches demonstrate problem-solving skills, time management techniques, positive communication and productive interactions for clients to model as they recover.
Personal, Confidential Support: Often clients do not have the genuine social support they need during the integration process, our life coaches often act as a personal guide, forging sincere friendships and mentoring bonds during the integration process.
Family Unification: Personal triggers often present themselves when integrating back in the home after treatment. A Recovery Integration Specialist will be on hand to help identify the patterns of past experience, and teach ongoing mechanisms to help short-stop relapse in the future. The family will better understand how to interact with their loved ones without feeling like they need to walk on eggshells now that they are home.
Ongoing Supervision: Clients are continuously and carefully monitored by a Recovery Integration Specialist, preventing drug or alcohol use, self-harm or other incidents during their recovery program.
Continuing Treatment Alignment: The most successful form of treatment comes with follow up care. Our Life Coaches are trained to help clients continue to identify and transform the behavioral patterns that have caused failure in the past. Our coaches can also complement an outpatient process in conjunction with the primary treatment team as needed, according to client response and progress. We also provide necessary insights to the treatment team in order to appropriately adjust the client’s aftercare treatment plans for maximized success. As always, this standard of service is based in confidentiality.


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