Why You Don’t Have to Explain Your Sobriety

The decision to begin living a sober lifestyle is extremely admirable, but also incredibly personal. Some people choose to celebrate this decision by sharing the news with friends, family, and acquaintances. Others choose to keep it private, despite what others think. Although it may come with complications, it is a decision that deserves great pride.

You Have Control

After living a lifestyle in which you felt you had little control, reminding yourself that you are in control of your choices and decisions is so important. These choices and decisions are also included in your sobriety journey. You get to choose what kind of help you receive, what values you want to build your life upon, and how you want to share this important decision. Regaining your control and maintaining it is so meaningful and beneficial for staying sober.

If people notice your new lifestyle changes and inquire about them, you owe them no explanation, if you so choose. Even though it may be considered rude in our American society to form boundaries with others, these boundaries are incredibly necessary. Boundaries are ways that you can practice respectful, meaningful control in your life. Some find that talking about their sobriety with others is triggering or something they are not ready to do, and that is OK. No matter the reason, you get to make the decision to keep that information private. By telling others that you do not want to discuss why you no longer use, you are taking control and giving yourself the care you need to ensure safety and stability within your life.

There is No Right Answer

It is not objectively correct to tell others about your decision to be sober. It is also not objectively correct to refrain from telling anyone else about your sobriety. Instead, the right answer is the one that feels right for you and not anyone no one else. In this case, there are no rules to follow. Instead, you must follow how you truly feel and what you actually desire for yourself and your well-being.

Some people, they may find that telling others of their decision to be sober helps to keep them accountable and committed to their new way of life. Sharing this news with others may also help to transform this potentially scary transition into something fun and enjoyable. Those around you could help throw sober parties for you to celebrate this special transition. They could even help plan new activities to try together that do not involve drinking or using. Having this support and help is a great way to bond with others and better ensure sobriety.

There are many people who, after deciding to live soberly, found that keeping that information to themselves was a healthier decision for them. Ensuring their sobriety means not telling people about their new life choices. Having to explain their decision, why they chose it and potentially having to relive past experiences could potentially be more hurtful than helpful for these people. Privately celebrating this decision can feel much more peaceful, rewarding, and meaningful for many in this scenario.

What to Say When Faced with Questions

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to tell people you love and respect that you do not wish to share information regarding your choice to be sober with them. When considering how to respond to them, think about what you would like to convey. Here are some things you could say when questioned:

  1. Even though I appreciate the interest and care, that is not something I feel comfortable talking about right now.
  2. Actually, that is not something I care to talk about with others. If you could not bring it up in the future, it would really mean a lot to me.
  3. I know your interest is of good intentions, but that topic is private to me, and I ask that you please respect that.
  4. That subject is not something I would like to talk about.
  5. I know you mean no harm, but that topic makes me uncomfortable, and I would not like to discuss it anymore.

Practicing ahead of time for questions like these could be really helpful when trying to avoid moments of being caught off guard. That way, you can get your point across while also expressing respect at the same time. While you can never plan when a person may inquire about your new lifestyle choices, having responses prepared ahead of time can help you feel less anxious and more in control of yourself, your responses, and your decisions.

Even though deciding to live a sober lifestyle is an exciting, inspiring moment, that does not mean you owe anyone an explanation. Having to explain your reasons for sobriety could potentially cross a boundary, leaving you feeling unable to be in control of your own recovery. For some people, it is more helpful to keep this decision private, and not share it with other people, including those close to them. For others, sharing this news with others is much more beneficial for their recovery. We at Rickard Elmore Treatment Strategies are here to remind you that you are in control of your recovery process. We want to assist you in finding what is best for you, that is why we have many options to choose from that give you the kind of healing you need and deserve. To learn more about our treatment modalities, call us today at (877) 387-7197.