When is the Right Time to Get Help?

Recognizing that you may have a problem with substance abuse is both completely unnerving yet utterly powerful. Upon coming to this realization, you may feel scared at the thought of needing to change your familiar lifestyle. However, you could also feel an intense motivation to do next to anything in order to free yourself from the bonds of addiction. During this time, you may begin to ask yourself various questions such as:

  • What should I do next?
  • How do I move forward from this confusing stage?
  • Am I actually ready to make this change?
  • When Should I Get Help?

Despite having these troubling thoughts and questions, navigating through this time does not have to be filled with suffering. You may experience many emotions, but this means that you are on the right track. Try not to get discouraged by your conflicting feelings and thoughts, because there are things you can do to help you through this situation.

First, Radically Accept Your Thoughts and Feelings

It is OK to feel these diverse and potentially conflicting emotions. One of the best things you can do for yourself during this time is to radically accept and honor everything you are feeling and experiencing. While this may sound counter-productive, it will actually help you to move forward. You do not have everything figured out during this time, and nor do you have to right at ignore your unpleasant feelings all the time. What you can do, however, is make sure you show up for yourself but letting yourself fully experience everything you are feeling without any judgment getting in the way.

When we allow ourselves to feel, we are also allowing ourselves to experience the relief from constantly carrying so much stress. It is important to keep in mind that emotions are normal human experiences that do not harm us. Rather, they can give us insight into our true needs and desires. They also can help us to clear our minds as well. If we consistently suppress our emotions, our minds can become extremely cluttered with unprocessed emotions and experiences. These can then get in the way of present experiences and prevent us from living fully and authentically. By allowing ourselves to feel these emotions and let them pass through us, we can make room for new, helpful thoughts and ideas.

Begin Learning More About Addictions

With such common access to the internet these days, learning more about addictions has become easier than ever. Luckily, the internet offers various options for accessing this information. Some people prefer looking up articles and reading them on various trusted websites to comfortably gain knowledge and insight. Others may seek out podcasts that speak about these subjects to safely learn more on their own time. YouTube is a great platform that offers captivating, personable information regarding addiction and how to seek help.

You have many, diverse options available to you in order to help offer more information about what treatments are out there and how/why they may be necessary for you. Even though this process may seem very intimidating at first, keep in mind that these resources are not capable of judging you. They simply exist to offer information that you may be seeking. Consider researching information about addiction and how to get help as a way to get more comfortable with the thought of seeking out treatment.

There May Not Be a “Right” Time 

Maybe no time is ever actually the “right” time to get help. While this may sound rather disappointing, it can also be seen as optimistic. If there is no right time, that also means any time is a good time to reach out for help. This also means that you are in control of this decision. You get to determine when the right time for you to get help will be.

Even if you are in the middle of a workday, that could be the right time for you to call your local treatment center to begin seeking out help. Maybe at 3 am on Tuesday night you decide you want to leave a voicemail for a treatment center asking for more information about their program. That is also the right time to get help. Perhaps it is your child’s birthday party. As you watch them blow out their candles, maybe you pick up the phone and make that important call right then and there. Whatever the situation, any time is the right time to begin your recovery. Whenever you feel that it is right to do so, you get to determine when getting help is the right thing to do.

Acknowledging that you may struggle with substance abuse oftentimes can be such a jolting experience to go through. Knowing what to do or even what to think can become muddled and confusing. Radically accepting everything you are feeling and experiencing during this time can greatly help you to regather your focus and feel some relief. By learning more about addictions and how to get help, you may be able to feel more comfortable with the thought of reaching out for help. It is also extremely helpful to remember that anytime is the right time to reach out for help. At Rickard Elmore Treatment Strategy® we want to assist you in whatever way you may need during this troubling, important time in your life. Our staff is well-equipped to help you learn more about the things you may be experiencing as well as how to process them. To learn more about our different treatment modalities at our facility in Newport Beach, California, call us today at (877) 387-7197.