Recovery Integration

Recovery Integration

Life After Treatment

After successfully completing primary care treatment, a person should be well equipped with the knowledge of their addiction and how to avoid the pitfalls of relapse. However all too often, when faced with an overwhelming situation, the addict falls short of being able to apply this newly learned information. The reason is simple– there is a significant difference between learning about being in recovery, and actually living in recovery.

Real life experience cannot be replicated in the contained environment of a treatment center. Recovery Integration enables a person transitioning out of treatment to actively incorporate their new found way of life into day-to-day living, restoring confidence and removing negative or self-defeating beliefs while fine-tuning their innate skills and talents.

Recovery Integration guides each client through the hurdles of real life that often cause frustration and despair. With a focus on replacing the undesirable habits that lead to addiction, we assist clients in the process of integrating successful living habits into their daily lives.

How Recovery Integration Works

Recovery Integration offers a personal approach for each client while living life in recovery, offering expert advice, guidance services, modeling, and counseling services.

A Recovery Integration team member is assigned to each individual in order to assist with initial trigger removal, living arrangements, organization and all other aspects of creating the positive surroundings needed for long term sobriety.

Our Recovery Integration sober companions are experienced in not only the clinical dynamics of the alcohol and drug addiction recovery process, but also work closely with the treatment team to ensure that the process of living in recovery is seamless. Each one of our Recovery Integration companions is hand-picked to be the most suitable for our client’s particular needs.

The goal of Recovery Integration is to create a supportive path for daily real life activity, to demonstrate how a life in recovery is the most rewarding place to live.

Recovery Integration: Advisement, Support  Continuing Care Coordination

Our Recovery Integration service ensures the continuity of care for individuals who are preparing to leave residential treatment and move onto the next stage of treatment and recovery. A smooth transition and adjustment from differing levels of care is essential to promote lasting recovery. After discharge from residential treatment, Recovery Integration Continuing Care Coordination is offered for a time frame of 6 months to a year.

During this phase, we work closely with the residential treatment team to provide a comprehensive discharge plan for a supported transition and to coordinate continuing care. Our Recovery Integration Coordinator maintains ongoing communication with service providers as well as with family members to keep them informed of their loved ones progress. Supportive services may include weekly urinalysis drug screening, intensive outpatient program, sober living residency, medication management, individual or group therapy, and community counseling.

Recovery Integration Services:

    • Comprehensive discharge planning u0026amp; coordination with residential treatment team and continuing care providers
    • Recovery Integration companion
    • Ongoing communication with service providers
    • Promotion of client accountability and guidance u0026amp; assistance for continuing care process
    • Weekly urinalysis drug screening
    • Client care u0026amp; progress updates and ongoing family communication support
  • Crisis advisement


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