Individualized. Empowering. Guaranteed.

Individualized: We offer personal, client-centered attention, promoting successful recovery by ensuring you receive customize care, which provides successful solutions for your specific needs.
Empowering: As your guides and advocates, we apply our expertise and knowledge to support you from pre-intervention through continuing care. Rickard Elmore Intervention makes sure that you are receiving the best treatment & ongoing care available.
Guaranteed: We are dedicated to your successful recovery and with a one-year commitment, we guarantee our results. Our focus is your best outcome, every time.

Addressing the Roots of Addiction

At Rickard Elmore Intervention, we believe that the most effective path to recovery is one that treats the whole person, not just their addiction. We advocate that the underlying issues that lead to addictive behaviors should be addressed as early as possible, even during Intervention, to successfully build a foundation of care that will lead to ongoing change and recovery. These factors can be anything from chronic pain, to trauma, to family and relationship issues.


Our goal is to find the best possible professionals to work with our clients depending on their specific needs; whether it is a doctor, psychiatrist, marital therapist, councilor, or even a massage therapist, nutritionist or chiropractic doctor. We also recognize that when a person suffers from destructive, compelling behaviors, it greatly impacts their family. We make sure that our clients and their families have the range of clinical support that they require throughout the addiction treatment process and beyond, in order to ensure lasting change and wellness.