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Your Interventionist Matters

I have never had one case that is or was equal to another.  Knowing how to intervene without employing regressive action is more key to the solution than people are being taught by mainstream treatment providers.  There is not one intervention training in the world that has the authority to teach people they are diseased …

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Growth Rooted in Strength™

Transformational Intervention™ Press Release

Orange County,Ca. January 7th, 2023 Treatment Strategy® presents Transformational Intervention™ a model of mental health, behavioral health and addiction intervention that places the emphasis on providing the person(s) with options focused around health and wellbeing rather than assigning labels of a disease that may hinder a medical recovery process. A Transformational Interventionist™ eliminates the application of an …

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Is it Possible to be Addicted to Adderall?

Adderall is a legal medication prescribed by medical professionals to help treat disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Identified as a stimulant, Adderall is made of four salts of amphetamine. Designed to treat those with ADHD, it has become increasingly easier to obtain. Though it is helpful in some ways, it can certainly still pose …

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Professional Artists and Addiction: Is There Any Correlation?

There is a popular, controversial belief that many artists struggle with substance use. Some say that because these people are artists, they are bound to develop struggles with substances due to the nature of their profession. With famous stories of artists such as Janice Joplin (singer/songwriter in the 1960’s), Ernest Hemingway (writer during the mid-1930s), …

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