Film Review of The Business of Recovery



A Film Review of “The Business of Recovery” and Tips to Inspire Hope

by Dr. Rickard Elmore, Interventionist and Treatment Strategist™

Published Articles By Dr. Elmore

Addiction Pro Mag


“An Interventionist’s View of Treatment Centers” by Dr. Rickard Elmore

When seeking a Treatment Center, how do treatment professionals and people seeking treatment determine Quality Care? In this article, learn from addiction treatment expert and interventionist Rickard Elmore, PhD about the most important characteristics to look for in a high-quality treatment facility.

Rickard Elmore, PhD Intervention in the News


Dr. Rickard Elmore Interview on KPQ Radio – Wenatchee, WA



Rickard Elmore, PhD speaks with Shawn Goggin of KPQ Radio about the link between suicide and issues of addiction & mental health.


Rickard Elmore, PhD – Addiction Treatment in the United States and Nexalin Therapy



Rickard Elmore, PhD a well known Interventionist and Treatment Support Strategist™, talks with Mark White about Addiction Recovery and the efficient and unique treatment results of Nexalin Therapy


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