Are you afraid that someone you love is going to hurt you or themselves with their destructive behavior?

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If you are in a situation where you’re afraid that you or your loved one is in danger, making the right decision can seem nearly impossible. If you are in a situation such as:

  • Someone you love is threatening to hurt you or themselves
  • You are afraid of what someone will do if you call the cops
  • You know your loved one needs help, but refuses to go
  • You believe that someone you love is experiencing psychotic symptoms
  • You are afraid of what your loved one will do after being treated for the crisis
  • You want to protect yourself but are afraid to do so
  • Your loved one’s destructive behavior is spiraling out of control
  • Or you just feel confused and stuck about how to help…

Getting immediate help is essential and could be life-saving.

At Rickard Elmore Intervention, we understand that achieving and maintaining safety for you and your loved one is not a simple one-step process. We guide families through a step-by-step process to ensure safety for the long-term, from the first initial call to the cops or the hospital, until long after your loved one has received care.

Taking partial action without the right information and long-term plan can actually be dangerous for you or your loved one.

Do not make these decisions alone.

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